“Sessions with Zanele provide a space for me to open; into deeper exploration of myself, to unpeel layers of ideas and to allow that which is within me, all of me, to bubble forth without effort. Working with the healing of my pancreas and creating an internal physical and emotional environment in which that is supported, I have found the detox tea helpful; an anchor and support in my day, it is a constant reminder of the gentle care that I am now taking toward myself. I find sessions to be a beautiful mix of holding and educating; a safe container for me to see my blindspots and feel their consequence, while educating me on the purpose of the modalities she uses. Zanele’s intuition and her voice calls me toward myself, providing a gateway to unraveling that which has been tightly bound in my bodymind by the necessities and practicalities of being in this world. I’ve left each session with a refreshed sense of self-compassion, purpose and commitment toward healing myself and feel a different quality arising in how I offer these insights in my own work. “
Zo Hoka Dashati
Yoga instructor  & Shiatsu practitioner