“Let thy food be thy medicine”

These are words quoted from a man who practiced as a physician 430 years bc. Today he has been granted the title “Father of Modern Medicine”

The field of nutritional health is being refined throughout the years. New research and scientific studies unravel new information and sometimes debunks the old one. Nonetheless all the studies still say that “we are what we eat”. With knowledge of how foods act in the body and the ability to self-evaluate, people can learn which foods and diets are best for them. Healing with food is not haphazard. Food acts according to its various therapeutic properties, although its properties are often less specific and its actions are less drastic than those of herbs or other medicines. Food also acts as a foundation medicine. It is sometimes slower to take effect, but more profoundly affects all systems of the body. If diet is used correctly for prevention and treatment, other medicines are required less, if at all.