Dorn for Infants and Children

Since the root problem appears to be the traumatic events at, before and after birth it is easy to understand that the treatment of children is not only possible with this gentle therapy but indeed necessary.

Children often lack the feeling for their body, different long legs or other imbalances in their structural system and they do not necessarily express these problems with pain because they are still more flexible and relaxed than adults and their energy flows more freely.

However problems are often noticeable in their behaviour like frequent crying, colick, restlessness or the opposite and sleeping problems. Symptoms like Skin diseases and Inflammations, Breathing problems, Hyperactivity or frequent colds may be due to Misalignments and Blockages in the Spinal Column.

You bend a tree while it is still supple, for if you bend it when it is old you will break it.

Closely related are for example the appearance of polyps and problems in the cervical spine at C2 and C4, Child Migraine often seems connected to a misaligned Atlas (C1) and Bedwetting and Bladder problems are connected to the third lumbar vertebra (L3).

When kids do not like to walk, prefer to sit or want to be carried around, get tired easily or appear to have a limited range of movement and flexibility then this could be signs of misalignments in the pelvis and spine.

Especially after a complicated birth the often caused subluxations in the cervical spine and the pelvis and hips must be corrected as soon as possible.

Luckily we often do not need to correct the whole spine in very young children up to school age because they are still very self-adjustable and flexible at that age but the hips, cervical spine and sacrum need attention also in these kids.

But any problems also in children are likely to have connections to the spine and should be checked and corrected as soon as possible.