Dr. Zanele Bosch (Bsc O – Osteopathy and DBM – Doctor of Botanical Medicines) is a graduate of the National University of Medical Sciences, where she earned her degree in Osteopathy and later achieved a Doctoral Degree in Botanical Medicine. Her expertise extends beyond conventional clinical approaches, encompassing qualifications in the Dorn Method and Breuss Massageā€”a German-based technique that gently aligns the spine, pelvis, and other joints. Dr. Bosch has further enriched her skill set with training in Cranio-sacral Therapy under the guidance of the Upledger Foundation, founded by Dr. John Upledger.

Currently enrolled in a Ph.D. program in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR) and Doctor of Naprapathy Programme (ND) at the University of Medical Sciences.

Dr. Bosch is dedicated to advancing her knowledge and skills in the field of physical medicine.

Her continuous research work focuses on the gut-brain axis, delving deeper into the impact of a healthy gut system on emotions and physical pain and overall well being.

With a commitment to holistic well-being and ongoing academic pursuits, Dr. Bosch brings a unique blend of knowledge and hands-on experience to her practice, offering patients a comprehensive approach to health and healing.

Heal, Be Well, Be Healthy!!!