Manual Therapy

This Manual Therapy treats the spine and soft tissue (joints, tendon, muscle, fascia etc) using methods such as Dorn Method, Breuss Massage and Soft Tissue Therapy. The treatment can alleviate medical conditions that are bone or/and muscle related.
It leaves the person feeling relaxed, restored and with  improved joint and muscle movement.  
It is safe, as a result it can be applied on babies, children, adults and the elderly. 



The Dorn Method & Breuss Massage

The Dorn Method is a gentle and safe correction of the misalignments in the spine, the pelvis and other joints. Its a safe manipulation without clicking or crunching the vertebrae back into its natural position. 
The Breuss massage is an intervertebral disc massage that compliments the Dorn Method. Using sensitive energetic manual massage along the spine to dissolve physical, energetic and emotional blockages. This back massage further stretches, energises and regenerates the spine.

Difference between Dorn method and Chiropractic?

Dorn Method and Osteopathy are maybe closer in relation than Chiropractic.  Dorn shares some of the characteristics of traditional physiotherapy techniques as practised in the UK (Mulligan, Maitland) but is gentler and less invasive than these methods – yet very powerful. It is particularly effective for treating chronic problems: sometimes therapists find that this method can relieve pain where all other techniques fail. It is a technique enjoyed by the elderly and by children, by those with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.