I graduated as a herbalist, diviner and teacher of Traditional healing in July 2008 and have practiced in different capacities of traditional healing since then.  
I have received my qualification and advanced training in the Dorn Method and Breuss Massage. This is a German based method that gently aligns the spine, pelvis and other joints.

My teacher, initiator and mentor in the traditional healing practice is Noyabathini, Virginia Tseka who has bridged the Western medicine and the African medicine by studying nursing, working as a stormer therapy nurse and practicing traditional medicine whilst initiating and teaching many students. She worked at the Grooteschuur Hospital for 13 years before resigning in 2015.

I continue to consult and give practical service to patients, whilst furthering my studies pursuing a Bsc in Manual Osteopathy and a Doctor of Botanical Medicine degree through the National University of Medical Sciences.

So my journey of bridging worlds, spaces and healing methods continues.

May we all be healthy.