Begin the year of 2018 with a workshop that will help you start or add on your medicine bag.  
This half day workshop facilitated by myself, Zanele Bosch, will take place on the Good Hope Nursery grounds. 

Expect a herb walk in the indigenous medicinal and edible plant garden, this is an opportunity to learn how to identify the plants. Meeting and connecting with the plants will help to awake your intuition. Each course brings new information about how to identify the plants, depending on the season . You may meet them seeding, sprouting, budding or flowering. Learn about the medicinal properties of chosen plants, how to prepare them in the form of tinctures, creams/gel, infusions (teas) and/or poultices. Prepare tinctures, oils and creams and take home with you for your own experiments and use.

Enjoy a meal and refreshments created by Veld and Sea’s inspiring forager and chef, Roushanna Gray.

Book your place by contacting 072 084 0808